Easier Games?

I’m sorry if this is going to seem like a rant. Frankly, I wasn’t going to say anything, but I can’t keep this bottled up anymore. I really wish that there were easier game modes in Tower.

It feels like half of the game modes can be overwhelming to play if you are like me. (i.e. not good at some of the other games modes.)

I am more inclined to play Virus and I enjoy it more than I used to, but the fact that players tend to leave cause it frustrates them is concerning. I get that they leave cause most players camp in one spot and let’s be fair: You ain’t survivin’ 10 Terminators pointin’ Machine Gun at ya! And the fact that the Infected have no protection after respawning is pitiful and biased as I have seen Infected get destroyed the moment that they respawn.

And don’t get me started on SDNL. That game is nothing but toxicity. It’s player base is filled with people who play FPS games religiously. This wouldn’t be so bad if the players didn’t constantly mock you by saying “skill issue” and gloat on how they are so much better than you because the can get 50+ kills. Want a cookie?

SDNL players also tend to cheese the game’s mechanics to the fullest by sliding all over the place and hopping around like crackheads. I try to do the same but since I have a “skill issue” and I’m a “lowly scrub” I suffer badly.

Accelerate is the same way. Everyone just cheeses in that game mode and abuses the game’s quirks to the fullest so people who don’t know these quirks don’t stand a chance.

I hate feeling worked up and unnecessarily stressed out from trying to play like everyone else due to living in constant fear that I will be mocked if I don’t. I just want to play more chill game modes where I don’t have to please the almighty FPS gods.

This is not just for me, but for other players who aren’t as good as most other player and it would really help in the long run and would give me something else to do besides play Virus and sit in my condo like a couch potato.


Weird that an FPS game would attract FPS players. That’s so odd that I can’t possibly find an explanation for that. As for the assholes, easier game modes aren’t gonna help that. Assholes are always gonna be assholes.

Welcome to arena shooters. The mechanics are there to be used. If you can’t do it, that’s not the game’s fault. Arena shooters do take a high level of skill to master, so, I really hate to say it, but that really is just a “skill issue”.

See above. The mechanics are there to be used. It isn’t the game’s fault that you aren’t good at it.

No need to “live in fear”, just do what I do and turn off voice chat and just ignore the text chat. I couldn’t care less if people think I’m bad. As for chill game modes, Minigolf, Ball Race, Zombie Massacre, and Little Crusaders all exist. SDNL and Accelerate are really the only two highly skilled-based games we even have. Everything else fairly chill. I actually kinda wish we had more of the intense games, not less.

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