Easier Building System

I was thinking that a easier building option could be made to snap building blocks together better since currently it can be a pain especially when the rotation function does not want to cooperate or that when your angling something to line up with something else it almost always slants in an awkward way. After all the building is done the thing you were trying to build almost always turns out rickety unless you spend an unreasonable amount of time manually adjusting it all with a flimsy building system.

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This is actually already being worked on, think it’s called advanced condo tools.
You can find more info on it on the tower unite trello page.


have you tried the snap grid? you can adjust the size of the grid for percision. been very successful making a completely even and flat path with it in my condo. unless you mean something similar to building in minecraft, which i could see being useful.

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thanks :3

snap grid is a good start but it still is rough around the edges to use, sure it can be fine but there is inconsistency with the building system itself.