EA's official response has become the most downvoted Reddit comment ever

And the downvotes keep coming and they don’t stop coming


What is this about?

Few days ago, a beta of the new Star Wars Battlefront game launched and people quickly found out that you have to grind for about 40 hours (or pay real money) to unlock just one of the iconic heroes, like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. Not only is that on top of the ridiculous pay-to-win “card” system, not only were those heroes available from the start in previous Battlefront games, but this is in a game you already have to pay full price for. The comment is EA’s shitty response.

EDIT: They might have also removed the “refund” button, forcing you to call their “costumer support” instead. Not sure, the reports differ.

Sounds like EA lol

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I mean, this is really a new low even for them. They’ve always been kinda ridiculous but this is just nuts.

hooooooooollllllyyyyy crapppppppppppppppp

This is f2p mechanics in an 80 dollar game

EDIT: Also this makes credit adjustments and whatnot do nothing, as now it just takes equally as long of a time to get what you wanted, because you now have a cooldown bar on progression


I laughed way fucking harder than I should have at that.