Earning Units For Crossing Shortcuts

I’ve seen shortcuts with Units logo signs so many times while playing the game. They could adding a golden drive-through barrier in either at the start or at the end of the shortcuts, which you can earn units after the race is over.

If crossing the shortcuts to where the golden drive-through barrier wasn’t your cup of tea, maybe adding a zone of units in the shortcuts to collect like in Mario Kart?

This is already planned for the paths marked with the Unit signs.

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Thanks. I noticed it since I’m playing by myself or with anyone in the race. I’m putting a like in case your team has already planned.

I’m not sure the diverting paths are actually shortcuts, as in my experience it takes a longer time taking those than the beaten path.

Yeah I think the point is that when they’re functional you can choose to either go for first place or just go the longer paths for free money

Oh, I didn’t think of it that way! This is a really interesting small little idea - Go for positions/Go for cash. I like it!