Early Minigolf Developments


I got started on 3DS Max recently too, so, this will be a neat experiment to do (and learn tid-bits of Unreal in-between as well). I personally can do most stuff related to hard-surfaces but I never seem to be able to get curved surfaces and organic stuff done right. :sweat_smile:


did some art tests for garden, didn’t bake lighting but you get the idea.


Looks gorgeous, Very excited for the finished product :smile:





Thanks to @Zak and @Foohy for finishing up the game base and @MacDGuy and @Foohy for making MINIGOLF, we’re getting in full swing (no pun intended) of Minigolf Development!

We’ll show more off on our stream tomorrow.


Damn, it already looks so super similiar to GMTower Minigolf. Nice job!


Hype! Super great to hear that you guys finished the game base, Seems like it was a lot of work!




im so excite



That new Hole in One is great!. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more from the stream. :smile:


watch out, we’ve played minigolf so much we can basically hole in one any shot



MLG skillz!


Dat bounce though.


It didn’t trigger out of bounds! Cheater!


I swear I saw it curving towards the hole after bouncing off the rock.


There really should be a hole like that in the finished game! An unexpected surprise sort of like the last hole on the ice-themed minigolf map from GMT.


I believe it was showing off the hidden trajectory system, which will direct where the ball lands when you are fired out the cannons planned for Minigolf. Again, I believe the entire thing was on rails.


Yep, everything there was a series of hidden cannons. The cool thing though is the ball never actually follows a fixed path, I calculate the exact velocity needed for the ball to hit the desired spot (so it’s 100% physics)

also fun fact that very first jump into the spinning target was also a cannon because I’m bad at videogames


yep we all saw how bad you were, at least you aren’t as bad as mac