E-Shop on iMac

Hi Pixeltail Games, I want suggest you one iMac feature (if iMac will be in Tower unite)
So my suggestion is the online shopping (like Towerzon… name later). But to make it realistic the items will not given but sended to Tower Condos lobby reception where you can get it. Next bazaar in this online store can players sell furnite for lower price than buyed (if players dont want or buyed better looking can sell it on bazaar and get money)

PS : Because not everyone players can afford iMac you can make in tower free internet access. (or maybe 100 coins for 10 minutes)


This would defeat the purpose of going to the well designed physical stores though. Something quite similiar has been suggested, and was not supported because of said defeat of going to the stores.

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@Radek Ok, you right developers work hard on design.