Dynamic Music?

Dynamic music is a cool thing in games. (Music that changes depending on the situation the player is in)
I’ll take Portal 2 for example. If you jump on a faith plate, the current background music will fade out, and the special dynamic music will kick in, it sounds similar to the original background music, but a little more intense.

Another example in Portal 2 is during the turret intro where it plays the normal background music, and when you pickup a turret or knock it over, the intense music kicks in.

That’s enough examples.
I don’t really know where dynamic music could fit in with Tower Unite, I was wondering if it would fit with certain gamemodes such as Virus.

Maybe, if you are attacking an infected the normal round music would fade out and something else would fade in
(the music is pretty intense already, but maybe have it more intense? Dunno.)

Same would go for being infected, if you are under attack, the normal music fades out and the other music fades in.

I didn’t put much thought into this example, it was just a random idea that popped into my head as I was replaying Portal 2 for the story.


This seems pretty situational. For most of the gameworlds, I can’t really see dynamic music adding that much, but a couple might benefit. If it would fit anywhere, it would probably be Panic at Horror Hill, since music plays a major role in atmosphere. Other than that, though, I don’t think it’s really necessary.


A long time ago, before we had minigolf, Foohy was experimenting with something called “Dynamic Stream Switching”, which is pretty much exactly what you described. Anyone who watched the video he constructed with streetlights will remember the terror that was caused by them…

I will never forget this feature just for that horrible video with the streetlights.


foohy even used portal 2 music for these lights, it was this exact thing

Dynamic music would be nice for some gamemodes, like Virus that you mentioned. If it can be implemented efficiently then I would love to see it happen.


OMG the music is soft and when an infected gets close it gets more intense, that would be awesome

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Don’t make survivors even more OP

if you play with your ears

music that gets more intense when an infected gets closer just makes sneaking up to a survivor almost impossible

Making it so the music gets more intense after each new player is infected could work. It would give the survivors a sort of a panic feeling (or adrenaline rush) as they gradually hear the music getting a heavier beat/faster tempo, and it wouldn’t interrupt the game balance.

sneaking in Virus? XD
you have to surround them by working together, do you only play with campers??

Well the 3 games of Virus I’ve ever played consisted of 5 players sitting on one spot the entire game, surrounded by their TNT with godly ping, and I always happened to get infected first or second…

Another reason why I don’t play it

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I would like something like this in Ballrace or Minigolf
For example: if you’re in your last stroke or the time is running out, some “intense” music starts.

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There is no music while playing minigolf.

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link please?

I think what @Baiel said makes the most sense. Different music playing for your last stroke or when time is running out is really the only time when something like this would make sense to me. IIRC, the music already changes if you’re the last survivor in Virus, and most of the already-mentioned possible usages would give too much meta knowledge.

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