'DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine'

Hi all,

Long time player, first-time forum poster.
So I recently took the leap to Linux and before making the voyage I checked all the games I played were compatible. Tower Unite has Platinum on ProtonDB so no worries… but I’ve hit a snag that nobody else seems to have got on ProtonDB.

I launch the game and I get this error:
Screenshot of error

I’ve tried using Proton 6.3-6. I’ve tried downgrading as far as 4.2-9 but still no success.

I have:
i5-10700k (not overclocked)
GTX 1060 (2GB VRAM)

I have played the game before, many times, on my Windows partition so I know the PC can run it.
Can anyone help?