Dwarf fortress

There are dwarfs.
You control dwarfs and build fortresses.
Also you can farm, raise animals, eat animals, fight enemies, dig, torture people, build, train armies, destroy armies, flood stuff, grow plants, trade, wage war, generate worlds, delete worlds, workship disease, workship any randomly generated deity, fight randomly generated bosses, stop riots, start riots, become an adventurer, do quests, explore, learn the secrets of life and death, lose limbs, become a necromancer, vampire or a werebeast, tame elephants, train war elephants, use war elephants in your endless wars, dig deep, dig deeper, control demons, arrange meetings, fish, hunt, gather plants, keep bees, make crafts, run a tavern, sing, dance, DIG AS DEEP AS YOU CAN (it’s fun I promise), migrate, build workshops, create artifacts, make babies, kill babies, eat kittens, become a wereelephant, build towers, sell mugs, and tons and tons of cool shit like that.
The game’s INCREDIBLY complex. One example… When you scratch someone, the game calculates the damage dealt based on your nail length.

(picture taken while running a graphics mod)

Also you can kill lions by throwing lions at them.


Where do I get it?!

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Dem Dwarftress 2
It’ll make millions

Download Lazy newb pack ,too.

This is pretty much essential unless you want to become an ASCII cryptographer.

Here’s where you can get it: http://lazynewbpack.com/