DVD/Game Case Megathread!


I made this for personal use, its poorly handmade



hello, im back at it again with the dvd covers


You could’ve put something about the recent drama around csgolotto at the back of the case. But overall nice case!


hey im still a photoshop noob, but hey im getting the hand of this


Improved version :

Very nice eh?

EDIT : Bonus DVD cover :

Will i get sued?

EDIT : another one :


I made a bad rats one. Probably more to follow because I have a few that I want to put on my own cases


Not bad, better than ghostbusters 2016 but still more worse than guns of the cancer

(To see guns of the cancer go to the images above)


Sorry for the necro, I just wanted to say that this looks amazing!


See here for my Tower Unite Box.


Please don’t necro threads kthx


I don’t think it’s wrong to necro a thread like this.


This is one of the threads which simply do not deserve to die.


Rat Movie 2

Sorry no back


Grand Dad Mania


I worked on this one for way too long to not share it. Hands down the best (and the last actually good) game in the Splat Tim series.


does it count as stealing if i try to make a tower unite dvd case?


Not at all, feel free if you want to make your own kind.


9 Months. 9 fucking Months!


Your point?
I responded to this thread instead of needlessly creating a new one. That’s a bad thing?


Megathreads are usually threads which can be brought back if content can be added. there’s no issue with vtipoman posting after some time.