Remember how back in Garry’s Mod Tower, how you could duel someone one on one for money? I’m wondering why that hasn’t really been brought up in the development of Tower Unite knowing it was a feature in Garry’s Mod Tower.


maybe even have it as part of the arcade

Dueling will return.
As slaughter day night live.
[or, so it seems.]

That’s actually the return of PVP Battle, a completely unrelated gamemode also in GMT. I’m not sure if dueling will return, but similar plaza activities may take its place (like laser tag, for example). I, personally, could see classic dueling being a lot of fun (though I never did try it back in GMT…).

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We gotta get weapon prediction working, then we’ll talk about dueling.


Alright, thanks for the update on that Mac. Hopefully weapon prediction can be checked off the list, so we can really see progress on this as well as on things like Laser Tag, The Shooting Gallery, and SlaughterDay Night Live.

and get Virus working on 40+ ping