Duel for Worst Perfoming Players

An alternative solution is listed here.

I know @KingKobra won’t like this suggestion. :wink:


Of course I don’t. Why should I have to get punished for not being as good as most of the other players?


Yes and we bring back vote kicking so players that are too good get kicked and can’t play the game and then add this so players who are too bad also can’t play the game. Surely this will help being able to find a lobby. Also will help with achievement hunting, having players taking up slots in the server but not being allowed to play–we love making things a grind!!


me when i can’t play in a lobby full of tryhards because i keep getting punished and can’t improve my skill as a result of being punished.


matthew effect but tower unite

alternative idea; the two worst performing players in each round are sent to purgatory and are forced to duel. the loser is permanently banned from playing sdnl and purchasing their favorite ice cream flavor at the frozen treats store in the arcade

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no way dueling arena added in tower uinte?,?

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I think showing the F rating is a good enough penalty. I don’t think people should be taken out of the game.


I really like this alternative option: If either two players ends up in the bottom of the scoreboard, they’ll be initiated in a duel, the player who won the duel, gets a comback to the game.

Yes, but only if the host (or not) can initiate a vote kicking against players who are too good at this game (UNLESS they are trashing or grunging on us).

@CalculatorSpoon has an alternative answer for me. Both players at the very bottom of the scoreboard (if team-based) are entering in the duel. The winner gets a comeback.