Dual Uzis Should Be The Final Starting Weapon Upgrade

After playing a lot of Zombie Massacre to finish the achievements I’ve been wondering why the final upgrade of the starting weapon is the Shotgun. The Shotgun is terrible as a final upgrade. The Uzi, the second to last upgrade, is way better and does more damage than the Shotgun. So I feel like if your gonna spend your points on something that isn’t a waste and also will probably get you killed it should be switched with the Dual Uzis in the minigame.

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I don’t really agree with this honestly. I’d prefer the final starting weapon to be something unique instead of just an uzi but faster. I don’t even think the sawed off is that bad either, although I’ve never actually crunched the numbers so maybe it is objectively worse, I don’t know. Either way I’d prefer if the sawed off was buffed some more or replaced with a different, better shotgun if it actually isn’t as good as the uzi.

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in the past i would agree, but in current ZM the sawed-off feels like a worthy final upgrade - I don’t agree that it is a waste/is inferior to the single uzi. Imo placing it anywhere but the final upgrade of the starter weapons would be too strong.

what you describe is on the opposite of what my experience with the gun is. I don’t know the numbers either but the sawed off is really good for a starting gun and destroys hordes much better than the uzis for me, and in very satisfying fashion!! Besides, annihilating multiple zombies every blast with a single shot punchy shotgun is leagues more fun (and badass) than the simple bzzzzt of the uzi or the dualzies

Well when your mowing down a fuck ton of zombies you need to know what’s gonna save you. A sawed off who needs moments of inactive after being shot leading you to be vulnerable to be killed or a weapon that WILL mow down the zombies near you not needing to stop whatsoever.

Man I wish I had the same experience you had with the sawed-off because that NEVER happened to me when I use it. The DPS on it is so bad the UZI puts it to shame lol

It sounds like you’re describing the sawed off how it was months ago when it still sucked. They buffed it so the fire rate is much higher, you can shoot almost instantly after your last shot instead of having the second-long delay.

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Huh. Never knew that happened. I’ll go try it out!