Drunk Tag : Player Queues, State Machines, and Timers

This past week I’ve been working on some of the core components for gameworlds and minigames in Tower Unite.

  • Timer Component

A network replicated timer which is accurate for all connected players.
A timer component also calls delegate functions on it’s owner when the timer completes.

  • State Machine Component

A finite state machine implementation that can be used in blueprints as well as C++ code.

  • Player Queue Component

A network replicated list of participants in the game.
The player queue is managed by the gamemode so that when players disconnect, it gets updated properly.

As a test I whipped up a quick game example called “Drunk Tag”.
This is basically Virus on a small scale.

The players are made “Drunk” by having random inputs spammed to their PlayerController.

Thanks to @Foohy for helping me test.


Awesome progress!

That death fart animation tho…

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LOL when @Foohy suicides at the end

Foohy just couldn’t take the pressure of running away from what looked like a cardboard box anymore. :smile:

Also, you guys are making great progress and those player queue boards look so godamn cool.

Nice progress! :smiley:

Looks good!

The players, they are like elaborate ballistic gel dummies. They are just so floppy!

Oh, God, that death noise. It sounds like the bodies are deflating.

Well, they just look like animated airballoons shaped like a human person.