Drawable Sticky Notes & Whiteboards

Real simple, essentially you can buy a sticky note which you can place almost anywhere for around (15 Units, maybe?) and you can draw (using mouse input device) whatever you’d like on it, then after 2 hours (or maybe even the server operator can set this time) the sticky note wears off and gets deleted. In addition to this, you can press E on a sticky note that you’re looking at and have a zoomed in view what is on the sticky note itself. Hell, maybe the ablilty to put them on the backs of players, to pull pranks on your friends.
(or torment Mac and post a bunch of “kick me” sticky notes on him)

Then on the other hand, there are whiteboards which you can put in your condo which you can also draw on but just with more room. These would be wall mounted and bought from Sweet Suite Furnishings. And unlike sticky notes, these are permanently stored in your condo.

If you have any suggestions to add onto the idea, feel free to post them in the comments!

(and yes, I understand that this can introduce the problem of crudely (or well drawn, depending on who you are) drawn phallic imagery, although maybe server admins can go around and remove them)


This is neat. I’d like em. Maybe you and friends could draw simultaneously?


That sounds like a great idea! i’d find this a fun little mini game to play with friends.

Cool idea! I would love to put some sticky notes on my fridge for no reason. :smile:


I had the same idea so I searched on the forum to see if someone else had this idea. I might make this into a workshop thing if I have time. Also I had the idea to make a calendar which would show your system time (since game time is too fast and there isn’t a real date in game).

I do believe Mac said we would be able to have this as a feature so that Day/Night cycles work according to real life.