Draw on Base player model Skin

I would love to use the base player model if I could just add my own shading and maybe tattoos. Could treat the skin like a canvas?

This simply couldn’t be effectively added due to the fact that the workshop rules are the only thing keeping the game from being a phallus festival, and adding something that could bypass (or spam) the workshop just seems like a lot of work for little payoff.


Unfortunately this is pretty difficult to pull off and we find that workshop player models offer more customization. The other main issue is getting it to work for workshop would be pretty challenging, and I don’t think many players would use this feature.

Plus as already mentioned, it’ll be very difficult to moderate the drawings people make.

Everybody gotta ruin stuff. All the workshop models are Anime girls and furries or have weird proportions, wahhhh. What if you just let me have the skin and I’ll repaint it for the default? lmao.

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  1. Get FUSE default model
  2. Edit textures
  3. Profit

Can/will you tell me where to start looking for that?

Adobe FUSE is a 3D character creation program. Models from that are being used as a temporary solution for default character models in TU, but by the looks of things they won’t be changed for a while. You could just get that or look for the models somewhere else online.
… Or just take up 3D modeling for fun and make a model all for yourself. It’s not too hard, just a little tedious.

Thanks. I will look into it. I tried to learn 3d modeling for a second and realized the old grey mare just ain’t what she used to be and I don’t have the mental energy or health to learn anymore.