Dragon Treasure score/ticket exploit (vers

EA Vers

After a couple of hours of playing Dragon Treasure, I randomly thought to myself “Hey, is this game exploitable?” The answer is “Yes, yes it is…”

See video attached.
However, to give a text-based description of how I did this.
Step 1: Start game
Step 2: Drop a bunch of coins
Step 3: Give up the tickets
Step 4: Start game again
Step 5: Drop more coins
Step 6: Give up tickets… again…
Repeat steps 1-6

What I expected to happen

I wasn’t sure what I expected.

What happened

I was able to get a new high score and a bunch of tickets.


I don’t have any suggestions on how to fix this. Wish I did. I’ve gone through some options in my head, but they didn’t make sense in the long run. If you need more info, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I haven’t shared this with anyone else, but I did have a couple of players try to tell me something earlier in the evening/late morning (probably around 2:30am EST) that they didn’t want to say in text and I have my VC turned off.

I wish to provide an update to this.

I have discovered that by doing the glitch/exploit I have presented here, you can make it so the dragon appears for an unlimited amount of time. It lasts until you decide to fill in the colors and roll another dragon. I couldn’t get OBS to work for some weird reason, but I had the dragon stick around for 10 minutes before I rerolled another dragon and it finally vanished.