Doubts with LC


While playing LC, I saw people had different Knight Models. Does the game selects the models randomly before each round or do we have to achieve something to get the better models?
I also saw the HUD changing along with the player models. Would be nice if someone could tell ne how it works.

Also i still can’t figure out how to use the bird. Would be nice if someone could tell me about that too!


The knight model depends on how many dragon slays you get in a row without dying:
Esquire (Pink: Starting rank.)
Knight (Green: Turn off the Dragon once.)
Baron (Blue: Turn off the Dragon twice.)
Count (White: Turn off the Dragon thrice.)

Birb will spawn a while into the round. When he does, the Knights can pick him up and throw him at the Dragon once to stun it. If Birb is thrown at the Dragon twice, it will act as if the button has been pressed and the Knights will win the round. You get units/credits for stunning the Dragon with Birb.

all info is from this guide:


wow i did not know this, neat


Gotta get those tutorials goin’

I need to put some text when you pick up the Birb maybe, or come up with a better way to explain it.

Same with the ranks.


I don’t think that LC needs in-depth explanation. Part of the fun of video games is figuring out how stuff works.

Just do it like most games and show a single hint on the loading screen. Eventually, people will see a bit of information they may not have known before.