Double Ticket Weekends?

I was browsing the TU Trello, and I saw that Double Ticket Weekends were completed some time last year. This was really confusing to me because I never actually remember seeing one of these occurring.

I realize this event isn’t every weekend, but considering I didn’t even know they were added to the game at all, I think they should probably happen more frequently.

My question here is; do Double Ticket Weekends actually happen? Or is it just the functionality that’s added?

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They happen every once in a while. There was just a double ticket weekend and a double fishing EXP/odds weekend here a couple of weeks ago.

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Ah, would be nice if they announced this on the steam announcements page. (Unless they do and I’m blind?)

They don’t as far as I know. They do announce them in the Discord however. If you aren’t in the public Discord, you can also check by simply booting up the game. The main menu usually has a different theme + big text saying it’s a double weekend.

They do appear in the Steam announcements

Steam :: Tower Unite :: Arcade: Double Ticket Weekend Event! (

They actually do

It’s not guaranteed though, like the most recent Double Ticket and Fishing Exp weekend wasn’t shown in Steam afaik.

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The last couple of times they didn’t. So that’s why I said they probably didn’t.

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We had double ticket weekend during Thanksgiving. The game changes the menu and shows a big notice when the event is active. As for not posting on Steam, it was mainly because we were out during Thanksgiving and we didn’t queue up the event on Steam. We need to get better at announcing the events on Steam.