Doppler Effect

I don’t know if im spelling that nor do i care to check if its even the right effect!

But i’d really like to have it be a thing so you put down speakers in your basement and you just hear the vibrations threw your floor rather then it being normal blasting music and when i close a door to a room it silences the sound dramatically… this i assume was going to be a thing already but I’d really like to see this implemented.

I’m not sure what exactly you mean by this suggestion. Are you saying that the sound should travel through walls to some degree? That’s not what the Doppler Effect is (although you did spell that right). The Doppler Effect is when sound changes pitch as the sound producer and sound receiver move at different relative speeds. I know you said you don’t care if it’s the right effect, but it might confuse people who are using the title as a quick summary of your idea.

Term technicalities aside, I could definitely see sound travelling through walls as a little thing to add at some point.

This isn’t the Doppler Effect.

The Doppler effect is a frequency change in relation to the position of an audio source. If an audio source moves closer towards the recipient, the sound is perceived as higher pitch, and moving away results in a lower pitch. This can be simulated in Unreal 4.

What you’re asking for sounds like a complex system that applies a low pass if you aren’t in the direct vicinity of an audio source. I’m not quite sure how you would be able to detect something like that, but I’m not a programmer.

I’d hate hearing computer generated ‘vibrations’ coming from audio devices in my condo.
Maybe have something where sound becomes muffled if you’re in another room with the door closed?


I’d rather go with Sapphire’s idea. This whole thing should also be togglable, so when you toggle it off, when the sound is actually supposed to be muffled, it will completely stop.
And yeah, what you are describing isn’t the doppler effect.


Sapphires idea is what i ment, and it’s just … i want a real sounding condo persay so if a door is closed the sound is well muffled and quieter so a volume change and muffle and then say it’s below you it would do the same a muffled and lowered volume…

I’d imagine you could setup a sound emitter that traces for the player and if the trace to the player intersects a wall, the sound emitter muffles the audio. I’d have to look into the audio system of unreal or ask @Foohy about it.

Would be an interesting thing for certain items (like the piano), but the idea of the condo music panel is that it’s broadcasted through out the entire condo.

One thing I do like is the idea of music being emitted from speakers you can place down instead of just 2d audio. I love 3d audio and so does our sound designer.

Even though if possible it would be done after ‘release’ With the way Unreal is setup wouldn’t you be able to pretty much create your own ‘sound system’ to be able to well do that detect … literally make sound waves and have it bounce of walls from where it’s being emitted from and then if it ever reaches outside … say a door then it would be determined by how far from the original point the volume and how many times it bounces would determine the muffled-ness…