Doom Eternal Style Dashing in SDNL

I’m not sure if something like this is planned already or not, but I’d really like to see a dash move similar to the one in Doom Eternal in SDNL. I think it’d be pretty fun, and would be a nice addition with the fast-paced movement mechanics it will have.

For anyone who hasn’t played Doom Eternal, when you dash, you quickly shift forward in the direction you’re looking. You also have 2 charges of it, so you can chain two dashes together. Also here’s a video because I’m bad at explaining things:

I could see this being a neat addition but I’m betting on this change giving high ping players a major advantage / disadvantage.


as if virus wasn’t already clunky enough with no ping status to know which lobby has high or low ping

this would be another virus but 2.0

cool concept, but really questionable execution

Dashing will make an appearance with certain weapons such as the sword.