Don't you feel like

…There’ll be that some person or group that will make a sex addon for this game once its mod support gets released?

Sex map or sex playermodel? I’m pretty sure they’re the only functions you can use workshop for in Tower Unite.

Any sexual actions - Sex animations, and not just Nude playermodels / Sex texture maps, as The workshop would support any custom code and not just maps/playermodels.

Yeah, good point, I forgot the whole animations thing in UE4. I’m used to Garry’s Mod.

I really hope that Tower Unite’s community workshop won’t turn into a cancerfest which happened to GMod’s workshop.

(Also worrying a bit that people are gonna hate on Tower Unite just because they hate that GMTower is gone… I’ve already seen not a low amount of hate on it, and the hate was reasoned with the announced ending of GMTower. I am imagining the people in TU’s reviews being like "FUCK TOWER UNITE I WANT GMTOWER WHY DID THEY HAVE TO SHUT IT DOWN ;________:wink:

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Woah, I don’t mean no cancerfest of specific random ugly stuff like FNAF saves or mingebag sex dupes - I just ment within the probably-big gallery of addons - entities, game worlds, playermodels, maps and what not, there’ll be that professional modeller/coder/animator/sound artist that will upload a sex mod that features sexual intercourses, nude P-models and whatever moan you can get.

Mix sexual interests with a fandom and you get that cancer - a sexy and advanced, yet disgusting cancer addon.

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If they do I’m excited for it (replying to OP)

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Nice Meme