Don't force people to wait until the next level when joining an in-progress game

Really annoying when I join a game 2 seconds after they started and I have to sit and wait

i would only agree if it was up to 10 seconds after the level has started

since if everyone is right at the finish and someone joins, they would have to wait the whole level for that person to finish watching them, which makes them have to sit and wait instead


I would assume the major problem with this is the timer. The timer starts, and globally ticks down as everybody starts at once. So having people join later means they have to either start the level with the timer already ticked down, or have an individual timer. An individual timer would probably require some major changes to the code, and also make games go on longer. Although it sounds simple to just have the timer start at whatever it is when you join, I have a feeling that the game starting and timer starting are linked. The timer might also be running mostly client-side, so it would need to be updated by some global timer held by the host. All of this creates a spiral of difficulties that would need to be smoothed out in the code.

Maybe I’m wrong, but as somebody who’s dealt with a bit of programming here and there, I don’t think this would be an easy thing to implement. If it is easy, then that’s great, it might be a good change depending on how it’s implemented. Though even if it’s difficult, it’s not out of the question, just not for a little while.