Donor bug or something? (Not too sure if anyone really cares anymore)

I logged on last night, 3/8/2016, to find that my donor status was gone, I’m not too sure why, because my friend still has his,from about 2 years ago. It would be nice if someone could help me clear this up, as I’m really confused.


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Yeah they probably care, this is important.
But probably it’s a temporary bug, I hope someone helps you. :slightly_smiling:

Occasionally, donor status fails to activate when you join, but just rejoining should fix the issue. If it doesn’t, you’ll probably have to contact the devs via the forums or something.

I’ve been logging on and off all day, not working

Was this transaction before 2012?

I see no transaction for your steam ID.

It was a gift from a friend, the same friend that I mentioned in the post, and I don’t believe it was before 2012, his steam url is , if that helps

As I said, I’m not sure if it was a permanent thing or not, I just wanted to clarify in the case that there was something wrong

I only see one transaction from your friend and that was for his steam ID.

Donor is permanent, but I’m not seeing any record that your account ever had donor.

Would you want to talk to him then?

I guess? I’m looking at all our records and there’s only one transaction in September 2013.

Okay, I’ll get him

Thanks for responding, by the way, I thought nobody would really care as GMTower is going down soon

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Hey, not quite sure what is going on, but I can confirm I bought it if that helps. It was a Christmas gift if I remember correctly. Not sure why there wouldn’t be records of it if my donor is still here…

@Pikapuu There is record of your donor. Do you have the PayPal transaction or email of the other one? PM me it.

I don’t have anything like that, seeing how it’s been 2 years. I could only imagine that I used the same paypal… Wish I could help more, but its been two years and I forget everything within 5 seconds anyway.

Well, unfortunately I looked for all transactions since 2009 under your Steam ID, PayPal email, and name and found only one transaction which was for your own account.

I have found zero records for @Virien’s account ever having donor. If there was a way you can prove he had donor then I can adjust it easily. Otherwise, I don’t see any action to take.

Alright then, thanks for the help