Donator integration (ANSWERED)

Hi, I haven’t bought the new game yet, but since it seems to be a replacement for GMOD Towers, will I be getting a donator perk in the new game, or can I get the game for free because i was a donator, or can I get a refund or something?

You will still have to buy the game full price sorry. However, you will be given some special items in-game soon as a thank-you gift from the devs.

You donated to support Gmod Tower, Tower Unite is entirely different. Donors from Gmod Tower before the Tower Unite Indiegogo will get a few exclusive items, an exclusive condo layout, and a Legacy Donor tag in Tower Unite, as well as some starting units, but nothing else.

Damn that was quick, Yeah I found information on this just after posting. But thanks for replying anyway.