Hello, I know that PixleTail has decided to not do micro-transactions/donations, but really, to be honest, I feel bad for not donating at all on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, some things could come out of this. Anyway that is all.

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The developers said that there would be no donating.

I see, thank you.

If you really want to throw more money at the devs, it’s as simple as buying all your friends copies of TU.



Honestly the idea of being able to donate money to them without getting anything back at all dosen’t sound so bad.
Besides what if none of your friends wants TU, you would be left with gift codes you cant use.

Well…dang you’re right.

You could just throw away the extra copies or give them to random people you meet in other games. Virtually the same effect as not getting anything in return.

Well you might get some friends from it, just saying.