Donation accident

I accidentally donated $13 earlier today , is it possible you could refund as it was an accident and I have no money to go buy dinner tonight. Please refund as I don’t have time to wait for a chargeback through PayPal

How do you accomplish accidentally donating? You have to go to the donation page, sign in via PayPal and actually confirm the payment.


Yeah, that’s kind of bonkers that you managed to accidentally do that.
But, @macdguy should address it none the less.

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Not to mention manually selecting all three check boxes before clicking submit.

Just going to tally up the facts here, correct me if I’m wrong, this is the same person who apparently had enough money to ask to purchase the GMod Tower source code, and have enough money to attempt to purchase a Tower Unite Alpha key.

I don’t buy it.


So, let me get this straight, you’re so broke that donating $13 has cost you your dinner tonight and yet, 3 days ago you had so much money that you wanted to buy Gmod Tower. Gimme a fucking break.



And some say he’s still waiting for his $13.

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  1. You cannot accidentally donate. You donated, clicked agree, and went through all the steps on PayPal. I know this because we log all of that to help prevent accidental donations.

  2. You emailed us about your donation, confirming that you did actually knowingly donate to us. You said that your perks were not applied on your account. It’s an automated process, so it can take sometime to apply. There was no other email sent to us.

  3. By posting this on the forums instead of emailing us directly about getting a refund, you came up with an story that is not correct and you involved the entire community for no reason.

I’m going to refund your account. In the future, please, please email us first.


Nice joke, it’s so funny I’m not laughing… :expressionless: