Dog Photoshops

After Planet Panic released and the dog model came along, I decided to do a Macintosh 420 parody of the cover as the whole aesthetic and music of the Game World seemed to have something that felt like it.

Today, as the Dog Heads released, I figured out just how much exploitable the dog model actually is and spent a few half-hours doing some more photoshops based on suggestions from the community. Here are some of the ones done so far:

Macintosh 420 - Reference

Halo 3 Poster - Reference | Canvas

Wolf Pack - Reference | Canvas

Bloodborne - Reference | Canvas

I also made some edited pictures for profile pictures just for the kicks. Here’s one of them:

If people have more suggestions for parodies to do, fell free to suggest! I will try and do them when I get this bored again. I am also taking suggestions that don’t involve the dogs, to try and do more different stuff. :smile:


do my profile picture
now pls

Try the best you can :wink:

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We can also have cat version? owo

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I’m gonna use the Halo poster in my Condo eventually

It kinda worked

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Decided to give a go at Bloodborne today. Here’s the result, although it didn’t end up giving the same feeling as the others did.

Reference | Canvas

I’ve also been seeing canvas of these around, so I decided to add 1:1 Text-Less Canvas pictures to the main post, in case you want. :smile:

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I love this, probably my new fav edit from you so far. Can’t wait to see Dog Souls III