Does TU use P2P networking system or a Client/Server?

I am excited by the idea of people hosting an MMO, but I am a little worried about how the game will connect with other players. Does the game use peer to peer, or is it a server/client base?
I couldn’t find anything in the FAQ about this besides ranked and unranked specifications. If it is server/client base, is it a dedicated server instead of an arbitrary host?
Why does this matter to me? If I want to play with people around the world (I got friends in Australia and France), and I want to play with them at the same time, a peer-to-peer would make it a lot more choppy.


The lobby servers can be hosted with dedicated servers or by yourself. When people join the lobby server that you are hosting (not dedicated), they are communicating with your client, but it isn’t P2P.

When you enter someone else’s condo, you connect to the condo owner’s server (hosted on their client) and communicate with that person only.

When playing game modes, the game will pick a game participant who has the best ping with the lobby server to host the server, and all the other players will connect to that selected person’s server.

So in this instance, there is always a Client/Server relationship.

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