Does this count as "automation"?

I’ve been grinding out the Jumping Jack Rabbit achievement (jump 200,000 times) and just had a few questions.

So far, I’ve just been using a controller to spam jump, but then I got thinking of ways to make it easier. I then remembered that Steam lets you change controller configs, but this is where I’m worried I’d be breaking the rules.

Steam’s own controller config allows “turbo” buttons, does this count as automation?

If yes, would instead binding every button on my controller to jump be breaking the rules as well?

I thought it’d be best to stay safe and just ask which is why I’m here. Thanks :slight_smile:

Using the turbo function would most definitely be counted as using a macro, (if using a macro to get a jump achievement even counts as cheating) but binding every button to jump on a controller would still require you to make the input, so while it maybe is slightly easier, I wouldn’t count it as cheating. Only the devs can say for sure though.


Are you still wearing the Jumping Jack power-up from Balan Wonderworld?

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