Does the video player play videos native to your computer or from sites that don't use Flash Player?

As the title says, video sites in my area cannot play on TV in Tower Condo because of the flash plugin required. So whether can support not to use flash built-in player and use HEVC hard unpack playback.
I also want to be able to play my own local video in the apartment, and players who enter the apartment can watch it together (if they wish).

Media play only support YouTube for videos afaik

It’ll work for really any Webm video, but only YouTube and SoundCloud have active synchronization. If you load a vid link, then refresh it, it’ll start over if it’s a normal MP4 or Webm vid on a site.

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I TRY THIS but is still notes me cant play the video without flash plguin

As Alexer said, that’s because the media player doesn’t support Flash. Only Webm.