Does anyone have the tower unite texture files converted?

Title. I know that they’re in the files and are unreal asset files. Has anyone converted them to usable jpegs or pngs? I’d love these for my condo. Thanks!

I think this might be what you’re looking for:


YES! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ^^ I couldn’t find these anywhere, finally I can make my canvas walls fit in with my condo!


am i wrong, or isn’t this against TOS?

edit: i’m fairly certain it is?

I think PixelTail might be cool with it as long as it isn’t used outside of TU

I don’t know if this is a “derivative work”, or “reproducing” it, they’re basic just assets. Either way I didn’t upload them, just sharing the album.

EDIT: I’ll give you disassemble, but it doesn’t feel like this is what that’s targeting.

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From what I remember in a conversation about this
They prefer the files to not be so easily public (so try to not send the imgur link around too much), but if you are going to use the textures for canvases or personal use then they will not take action
How ever if it is used in a public product they people can access and use then they don’t want that,(it may be only if you use it for a product you buy or free idk)
Same goes for recreation of the textures, sounds and such.

I’m not 100% sure I am correct so don’t take my word on it. (If a dev can come it and confirm that would be good)

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