Does anyone have advice on making friends at school?


I don’t have any good friends and the kids I’m alredy “friends” with are pretty annoying and childish. I don’t feel like anybody likes me except this one girl who is nice and I’m not sure if she likes more is is friendly to everyone. Some people tell me “scew them, if they don’t like that is their fault” but, their fault or not I feel like I need more friends so I don’t bother my online ones as much!


As someone who isn’t particularly great at being the initiator of anything social, I’ve found that pretty much all of my friendships happened accidentally. Most of the people I consider my friends I met through some form of activity club (whether I joined of my own volition or if it was my parent’s decision). If there’s an activity you enjoy or are even just interested in, you might consider joining a related school club.


To add to that, making friends is about being yourself and seeing who appreciates you for that. If you try to use some weird act to make new friends and become popular, none of them will respect you for who you actually are. Be truthful to yourself, show them the same kindness and respect you wish to receive, and try to find similarities between each other.

Also, a few close friends > many acquaintances. In my experience, you can have hundreds of ‘friends’ but only a handful will be worth keeping. Just my two cents.


just find people interested in the same stuff as you, there may be people you hate now but you may realise in a few years that you may be really similar, just like my best mate who accidentally open hand punched me in the face and i hated him, until i found out he was obsessed with Gmod Tower and he was also an INTELLECTUAL GAMER just like me.
Now we are very good mates and he is one of the few people i talk to from high school like most days.


Just to add to everything others have said, here are two rules of thumb:
Don’t be mean/cruel to others.
Avoid those who are.


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