Does anyone else do any snowsport?

I am just curios. I love to ski, even though I live in California. Wondering if anyone else skis or snowboards? :relaxed:

Once I snowboarded and broke my wrist so that was it

That explains a lot.

I mean yeah. I did the practice slopes for like 2 hours and then my friend suggested we went on a begginer slope, and I was so shit I pretty much fell right over juuust after I had gained enough speed to where it would hurt. It’s all my own fault I guess but I was pissed at my friend anyway.

Sledding :smiley: please tell me that counts or I’ll have to hunt you down and shove a sled into your face ._.

I GUESS it counts, I mean if you can lay down and win an Olympic medal I suppose a buncha shit is a sport. I mean, I sled all the time because it’s fun. 'specially if you prepare by covering the slope/hill with water the night before so it’s icy.

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Until you make a bad move going 30-40 mph. then you end up in the hospital because of a broken arthritis or something.

EDIT: My bad, didn’t know it was inflammation. How about kidney. You don’t want a broken kidney, believe me.
There. I fixed myself. Internet, please don’t get angry. I’m a peaceful humanoid, not one of those that are like please-give-us-ur-farm-animals-for-experimentation life forms. Those are my brothers.

EDIT: I swear they’re adopted.

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I’m going to go ski in two weeks.

Eh, I don’t do snow sports. But I like riding sledges, because hey, it’s fun. We got a hill nearby which is absolutely perfect for doing this.
Too bad I can’t really do this anymore, as we didn’t have any real snow here for a couple of years now. Last time was 2012 I think, but then our region turned into a subtropical area.

i miss the snow and i am a winter person, but we didnt have any real winter for years :disappointed:

I break my arthritis all the time.

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IMO, Sledding counts. It is in snow.