Does anybody know a rough download size?

It’d be handy to know, I have to adjust my hype meter accordingly. Running on a stupid low 2.9mbps.

I’m on 800KB max, give me a break.

KB or Kb?

What’s the difference

Kilobit and Kilobyte. 8 bits = 1 byte
Most network speeds are rated in bits. Are you on like, dial up?!

Kilobits (Kb) and kilobytes (KB) are two different things.

In computational technology, a byte is comprised of eight bits. So, 1 Kilobyte = 8 Kilobits.

Now, Internet speeds are rated according to bits (god knows why). He asked if you downloaded at 800 KB/s (most likely) or 800 Kb/s, which would most likely be translated as 0.125 Mb/s (megabits).

Considering he’s probably quoting the download speed, he’s most likely downloading at 800 KB/s. I’ve never seen how to see your download speed in bits unless you use Speedtest :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I wish I could at least get cable where I live. I might be moving to Raleigh or Charlotte, NC in a few months. Thankfully Google Fiber is planning to head there too. ;]

I’m looking to go to Rice University next Summer and I was told there they have speeds of up to 700 MB/s.

I nearly fainted.

Google Fiber .-. I hope that’s ever gonna come to Europe. I’m jealous.

You’ll be 90 years old, playing TU on your brand new Google Fiber!

I bet it could come to you guys sooner than to U.S.

There are already states that have it. I think some cities in my state are getting it soon.

It’s 1GB.


That small with all this content? Wow.

ROUGHLY between 1MB and 1TB.


Awesome! Thanks.