I watch some Total Drama Island epsiode about the game called Dodgeball. Why not make it for real?

Simple Rules:

  1. The last survival team wins.
  2. If you catch the ball (right-click), one player from your team come back to the field and the opponent is out.
  3. If you block the ball with your ball (right-click) but let go on purpose, you’re out.
  4. If you shoot the ball but aim on the opponent’s head, you’ll be disqualified and the opponent does not.
  5. If you cross the line, you’ll be penalized.


  • Left-click to throw the ball. (Hold for a power shot)
  • Right-click to catch or block the ball. (If you dropped, press the space bar 3 times to retrieve your ball)


  • Showing an Instant Replay when one player left is out in Slow Motion.
  • Special Powers can pick up from the ground on your field to make effects to other players (see below).

Special Powers:

  • Fire: Takes double damages, taking away 2-3 or more players instead of 1.
  • Ice: Slows down the player’s speed
  • Slime: Invert the player’s controls.
  • Electric: Chase down one player where you aiming.
  • Boomerang: Throw a curve ball and aim back to the opponent’s behind.

I would love to see this be added to Tower Unit. Dodgeball would fit with random catsack events with the winning team all get catsacks.

Dodgeball is a great idea and it would be cool to have a headshot achievement if you do accidentally hit the head

However I don’t know how it will be coded.


This is such a good idea, if dodgeball isn’t in lobby 3, i will delete my data from the game

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I like the idea. It could work like Laser Tag, you wait inside a circle or something like that and when 2+ players are standing there the countdown begins.