Do you think they will delay the beta?

I really think they will delay the beta because of how buggy the lobby is right now

No. They won’t. They are committed to launching on April 8th. If you have any bug reports, please report them in the bug report forum.


Maybe that’s because they are working really hard on different aspects of the game.
I mean shit, look at all those new models they’ve pushed out recently.


Let me qoute Mac from one of my Youtube videos:
“Hi, lead dev here. We actually have a set internal deadline where we will stop adding features and bug fix for weeks before Early Access. We’ll also be on bug duty for weeks directly during and after Early Access release. We’re gamers too, and we have a high quality bar we set on ourselves. I can’t say we’re perfect, as that would be lying (any developer that says that is lying), but we’re also very careful and fast to fix bugs. Every day I look at bug reports on our forums and write up ways to help solve them and inform the team. On the subject of the rollercoaster: we may not be able to make it ridable in time for Early Access release (we don’t ship unfinished stuff), but we can get the art done in time. Hope that improves your worries.”

So there it is