Do you play high stakes Texas Hold 'Em?

  • I play frequently
  • I play occasionally
  • I don’t play because I can’t afford it
  • I don’t play because I don’t understand the rules
  • I don’t know where the game is
  • I won’t play casino / gambling games for other reasons

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I love the high stakes Texas Hold 'Em room above the spin-to-win area in the casino (you jet pack towards the two doors on the platform above).

It is really hard to get people to come together to play the low stake game, much less the high stake one, but you can make some good coin from it if you get a group to play. Sometimes I’ve gone in a room and everyone has left after finishing a game. It’s hard to get people to stay.

Vote for an option in the poll! Do you play the Texas Hold 'Em game in the high stake room?

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I don’t play poker at all because it sucks right now.
Raising is broken (and also very limited), you get kicked after one game, the boards above inactive tables aren’t changing properly and the entire thing is filled with bugs
…Mac said they’re gonna fix it eventually though. Gonna play it more then


Those issues don’t bother me too much, although it is kind of funny seeing everyone scramble to get back onto the table after they get kicked.

Same thing as vtipoman said, I don’t enjoy the current way of how Poker is played out in the game right now. I want to do a full and big game of high stakes poker ala Poker Night at the Inventory! But yes, Mac said he was gonna address changes to this eventually.

I don’t play because the stakes are too low and I can’t stand that it boots you after a hand. Maybe I’ll play more when mac rewrites the poker to be a bit and stay like he has planned just been busy with other things

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I have no idea how to play poker, and I’m too lazy to find out how

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Where’s the, “I can’t play, because nobody even tries to play it at all,” option?


1000 bets seem high to me. Bets of several thousand or more would be quick to lose, and hard to earn back.

1000 is very low IMO
Before Highrise came out, I had 200k units just from casually playing the game

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I try to play high stakes poker as much as possible but because of the way it is currently, barely anybody plays. Would be great to have no limit tables and tables that don’t kick you off after every hand though.


I finally made enough $$$ to play high stakes poker today but I spent it all on customising my condo. I plan to go in there and lose everything one day though! :DD

It would be fun if some tables could be put in the empty sunken lounges in the main casino room. I’m sure there are plans already for that space, but I suspect it would be easier getting people to play if you didn’t have to run into the back room.

agreed. its high stakes poker. we need higher bets! considering only one table offers these higher betting options, i see no reason to not make it a 10k-100k table. as a millionaire myself, i currently max bet just to make the peasants i play with scream. there is no risk for me

How far do you want to exclude the casual player base though? Remember that 1000 is the default bet, so supposing you play in a group of several people who all keep raising, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars in a single game if I am not mistaken. A good play session could set you back hundreds of thousands if you keep losing hands. You would need many millions to not feel that.

it’s called “high stakes” for a reason

Sure, but my question is asking what counts as “high stakes” when you consider the median wallet size of all active players. It isn’t useful to create a minigame that is incredibly expensive just because you personally happen to have a lot of money. Nobody will want to play it with you, it’s hard enough getting people to play as it is.

It should be that the betting amount is “high stake” relative to the cost of expensive goods and the amount of money that active players have. I have just over 560k at the moment and I couldn’t see myself playing games that had greater betting amounts than 1000 - 2000.