Dizzy jackpot stealing is a problem.

Dizzy has what, 5 machines? I can’t recall a single time I ever had to wait to use one of its machines, even in a full server… so the “machine hogging” argument shouldn’t even be valid here.

I frequently have large player models stand on my screen to prevent me from seeing it, and then attempt to immediately steal the machine (and its jackpot) after I fail it. This happens way too much. Its really a kick in the face when you’ve spent a lot of time and tokens building up one machine’s jackpot to have a bunch of toxic players try to steal it.

Solution Ideas:

  1. Add a small cooldown of a couple seconds to re-claim your machine (only on Dizzy or the fish one) possibly only when other machines are available that way people can’t indefinitely hog.
  2. Treat it like the casino and make the jackpot universal to all players. This will make people rush to try and win the jackpot before the rest of them, making machine stealing pointless but allowing a somewhat competitive aspect to it in situations where people keep failing. Could be fun, could be annoying.
  3. Make the jackpots user-specific so its the same amount regardless of the machine you use. I like this one the most.

This isn’t a huge deal, just share machines. I know it sucks to have your jackpot stolen but it is a competition, everyone is trying to get the jackpot. This has also already been posted like fifteen times in the past week, I’d recommend searching before you post. Have a nice day!


I think a much better compromise would be to have other people appear transparent while on machines.

To be fair, “sharing a machine” with someone who’s breathing down your neck spamming E to boot you off your machine despite several being open isn’t exactly a fun time. Makes you downright paranoid to use any of the machines, that.

If its stolen while grabbing tokens thats one thing but these people are vulturing high-jackpot dizzy machines by standing beside people with high readouts spamming E to swipe machines people are obviously using for an easy payday.

Its not competitive its predatory.


I’ve had at least three of the machines I was on stolen like this. I’ve only ever been able to get a response from one of them who gave me a snarky smiley face in the chat before DC’ing after getting the jackpot. Found him later on another server doing the same thing.

While it’s on all machines, the most I’ve been seeing it on is Dizzy, Pluck-a-Pal, Wheel of Fire, and the fish game. This isn’t ‘sharing a machine’ with someone nicely, if it was like that then no one would have an issue, they’re actively trying to boot you off of the machine by spamming E to get the machine before you can get back on.

Sure, you can’t hog the machine yourself, but at the same time you shouldn’t have the machine you’ve been playing on just stolen from you because you didn’t win the E spam contest with someone’s who has been breathing down your virtual neck.

I remember way back early on with casino this was an issue until they made the jackpots more synced up, but even then people would (and still do) just idle on the slot machines to make sure no one can steal their machine. Perhaps something similar could be done with arcade?


Your jackpot won’t be stolen if there’s no/few players on server.

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But ideas you’ve told sound like good solution. I think it also would be useful if someone who try to “steal Dizzy arcade machine” get thing like “anti-AFK” in Casino, when you fail, you teleport to spawnpoint, so this time would enough to allow first player use Dizzy machine again.

I’ve had this happen multiple times and already tired of it. There are many posts about it and I hope they add a timer to the last player so machines can’t get stolen.

Uuhh huh yea sure whatever you say there…One post you say jackpots are meant to be stolen, another you say there is no such thing as stealing machines, and now its a competition. Make up your mind.
Someone on a machine playing it and having fun just to have someone else walk up breathing down their neck spamming E to steal their machine or Jackpot. That’s definitely not sharing, if that isn’t “stealing” then please whats the definition of “stealing”.

Dizzy jackpots are so easily and frequently won that that getting high enough to warrant stealing or caring about is entirely news to me. If you can’t get it in a couple tries I’d say let someone else go anyway.

Jackpots are meant to be stolen, yes - but I think it’s more sharing than stealing. It’s always been a competition. Those are just my thoughts. If someone takes your machine you can just move to another.

It’s not like credits aren’t already a limit to how far someone can go, so really I think it should be more of a queue system. If someone invests and doesn’t win it back, they have to leave the machine.

I agree. There is no reason to be competitive when there are several machines open. I bet hes one of the ones who snipes machines.

Uh no. I never have thought of the arcade as a “compete with others” idea outside of leaderboards. What a dreadful environment to promote. Anxiety of fighting over 1 machine while 3 others lay dormant just because you raised the jackpot to a certain level. You don’t get the jackpot (that you invested in) after 2 attempts, then you should let the deliberate asshole block your screen and take it from you. What fun. Woo.

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Never said blocking someone’s screen was okay. I just think fighting for a jackpot is normal.

Or we could have a 2-3 second timer on a machine. Once your tokens are out, you wont have enough time to get back to that machine and someone else can try to get that jackpot.

There. You eliminated everyones complains while also giving someone a fair chance to get the jackpot.

Running out of coins and having to refill, sure that makes sense since they technically lost their “seat”.
Neckbreathers and screen blockers spamming E just to grab a machine some1 invested in to hijack a Jackpot is just being toxic. Wooo how fun for the investor losing out on a bunch of tickets!

I honestly hope they do add a timer but its been 2 quickfixes/patches and still nothing. There’s been multiple posts about this topic also. All that the Arcade has shown me is how much worse the TU community can be when jackpot stealers start playing.