Display workshop model in Laser Tag if the player equipped one

No idea if this is just me or it’s an overall but i want to see the workshop models in the game it’s a little thing but idk

You can’t see workshop models in LT because the hitbox would change if the model was smaller (idk why they allowed workshop models in snowball fight but)


Workshop models are allowed in Virus and they don’t change the hitbox, so I don’t know why it’s different for snowball battles or why it would be different for laser tag.

In virus once infected you turn into a zombie model so it doesn’t really matter what player model you are before that, zombies don’t have to be as accurate since they just have to walk into a player. With laser tag you are shooting the other players the entire round and it would be harder to see the smaller ones. I don’t think milk cartons are even allowed in laser tag.


also the laser tag gear like the glowing vest wont work on a custom model
so it will be hard to sort it out to put people on obvious teams without making them overly visible (like a glowing outline)


Just make everyone an astronaut, like in the space cinema in Tower


i am much more of a fan of something like this, a unique model for laser tag. it just eliminates confusion of hit boxes with someone is running around as a helicopter for example and someone else is the smallest model on the workshop. keeping an even playing field is better for the game and a unique model for laser tag is probably the better way to do it in my opinion


As a compromise, maybe when upgrade comes out, we could get skins for LT and such. I’d love to play as an original take on this guy:


Man, a similar styled space suit would be such an excellent default player model if they ever add more.

+Wouldn’t need bunch of customization, just colors.
+Gender neutral
+Silhouette more visible than skeleton
+Mild GMT connection
+Fits several motifs (Virus containment, zombie outbreak, surreal space platforming, jetpacks everywhere…)

-Doesn’t look like a Doom revenant with laser tag vest on