Display more information on the condo in the Condo List to help players with bad PCs

here’s a concept i made in like 5 minutes of what it could look like

I’ve suggested this to Mac before (iirc he said some of it wouldn’t be too hard to implement) and probably talked about it alot to other people but it’d be nice to have some sort of idea of what the condo will be like when I hop in so I know if my PC will explode from having to download 1k workshop models and if I click accept on canvas I’ll download a gig or more of images.

(also maybe a general item count would be cool as just like a simple stat)

Yeah knowing Condo sizes before you click to join would be amazing! Especially those on low end CPUs and/or not so good hardware (and for those who have good hardware but don’t want big downloads)

  • I do have a question, that is for canvas size only but will you maybe update this with a total Workshop estimated download time for workshop items? The world loading itself can take a while and some people let it load before clicking show canvases :smiley:
    32 total and 5 Unique would not help someone know how long it will take to load
  • Canvas size
  • Workshop size and estimated loading time
    Are the two most important things I would like right now
    Thanks in advance



I mean, it wouldn’t, but it’s still something that is nice to know. I think that this information could still be present alongside an estimated load time of an Condo.

I think the most important things would be:

  • Total Item Count
  • Canvas Data, in MB
  • Workshop item count + Data in MB

That’s really all you need IMO.


I second that


I absolutely want this as well, it’s a fantastic suggestion!! :slight_smile: