Discord Voice

Any of you tried this? It’s similar to Teamspeak or Curse but runs in a web client. Servers are free, the voice sounds pretty great, and there’s a lot of customization to be had.

If interest is high enough, I can make a server for Pixeltail!

I’ve tried it. It still has issues with random disconnects and stuff. Hopefully they fix it up so that I can finally stop using Skype.

Another alternative (although this isn’t a web client) is Ventrillo. I used it with friends for a few years and it always worked well for us, the unfortunate part is I believe you have to pay for the server. It’s pretty cheap though, I think.

I prefer teamspeak.
There are some public servers that allow users to make their own lobbies, so essentially free servers.
Only downside is that anyone can join your lobby (I’m not sure if you can password protects lobbies, probz can though).

Not sure if I’d want to pay if there’s free alternatives, but it’s either pay to get the good or use skype.

Discord is free and can do pretty much everything Skype could, save for video chat and screen sharing.

Actually, this nerd and I used it for a few days. It kept disconnecting either one of us every so often, which was annoying.
Maybe they fixed it recently.
Or maybe they will.

What did you call me???

a handsome strapping young lad

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Honestly, I really like Discord. I haven’t had many problems with it. It’s like someone put Slack and Teamspeak in a blender. It’s pretty neat.

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Looks interesting!
I often get asked for my Skype details on Steam, and my Skype’s kinda reserved for my most trusted friends, so this’ll be a nice alternative for more generalised friends.

Exactly. For me, it’s mainly an issue of privacy. I use my actual name for Skype, since most of my contacts are friends from reality.