Discord Rich Presence


Would be a nice little feature being able to see what a player is up to on Tower straight through discord. Examples could include being able to see if someone is in the plaza and even join straight through discord. Games like Virus could show what map they are on and what round. Could be a great feature too add to the game but could be something thought about after early access.


yeah, could be cool!


Yes! +1 this after witnessing it’s functionality with Killing Floor 2. It shows an impressive amount of information into a small amount of space; i.e. game mode, player count, current wave, current map.


Divinity also lets you create a game invite to post in discord to have people join your game, which would be great for tower unite


I’m always in favor of more cutting edge features, especially involving Discord!


This was already suggested, I remember someone saying that it’s something they’ll look into but at a later date (it isn’t a priority). I’d love to see this in the future though.


I hope they work on this when they start working on the Party system. It feels appropriate to ship Rich Presence with the Party system.