[Discord] More Voice and Text Channels

Since there really isn’t a Meta for the Discord Chat, I decided to post this here.

I think there should be some more Voice and Text Channels. Not for particular reasons per say, but to give everyone an opportunity to have separate conversations on the same server. Trying to have a conversation with three people in the giant #public text chat is irritating when everyone else is talking over it, ESPECIALLY in the Public Voice chat.

I think having a system like the stuff below would alleviate this (short of letting people make their own Voice and Text Channels themselves):

Public #1
Public #2
Public #3
Public #4

Public Voice #1
Public Voice #2
Public Voice #3
Public Voice #4

One immediate use case I can come up with is playing games. If four members of the Discord are playing a game, while another 4 members are playing another, currently they have to share one giant voice server. This solution would alleviate this. I dunno, what do you all think?


I think this is a good idea, but too make it better, the channels should be given names to differentiate them. This could be the channels being named after game genres or specific games that are popular like DOTA 2, League of Legends or Rocket League. It would also allow for coordinated game sessions for certain games. :smile:

A good idea in theory, but I think that naming channels after games would imply that they must be used for that game, and if a group is playing CS:GO or something that’s not listed, they would feel more inclined to just be in the public channel.

If we named them after tower related places (Boardwalk, Arcade, Pulse…) then people would understand that they’re just other rooms and use them without having such boring names for the channels.