Disappearing Vault Door

This bug was discovered in

The Vault Door item disappears when it is opened and the player has it in their peripheral vision during first-person mode.

Steps to Reproduce

Place the vault door and open it. Go into first-person mode if you haven’t already. Once opened, stand on the opposite side of the door (the side where you see the gears moving. The side opposite to where the door is when opened) and look directly at it. Slowly move the camera left, and eventually, the door will disappear. The door disappears when the camera is roughly 45 degrees away from it to the left. The bug will not happen when doing it to the left. The door will appear again when your camera looks back at it.

What I expected to happen

I expected the door not to disappear when I turned my camera.

What happened

The door disappeared when my camera was pointing approximately 45 degrees away to the left of it.

Notes / Media

Please see attached a video of the bug. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/502051724169576449/1113783358070206544/Tower_Unite_2023.06.01_-_11.40.08.00.mp4