Disappearing items from GMT, what gets transferred to Tower Unite then?

So as some of you may remember about a couple months ago, players back in GMT Lobby 2 had their condo items disappearing or even wiped out completely by some bug/glitch. Players lost some pretty expensive stuff (like Playable Pianos, Rave Balls, etc.), and some even lost achievement trophies and donor items (like the Wine Gift Basket that one gets for donating towards GMT back then) because of this disappearing items from condo bug/glitch.

I’m aware that there is a web request form made so that players can request to have their condo reset back to how it was to a specific date. I had sent a request months ago to try and get my condo reset back to a time where my achievement trophies and donor items are back, and up to now I haven’t received any update if my request has been processed. I also don’t see any noticeable changes to my GMT condo either.

Now my main concern comes from the current fact Tower Unite will attempt to transfer our GMT items and money over.

What will happen to players if their valuables, especially achievement trophies and donor items, happen to disappear due to a bug/glitch right before the launch of Tower Unite?

Would those valuable items no longer transfer over to Tower Unite because their GMT account would then show they no longer have such valuable items?

It would suck for players if for example their coveted Lobby 1 Plate vanished into thin air from the condo bug, then Tower Unite gets launched and they end up not being able to transfer their Lobby 1 plate because it’s nowhere in their inventories in GMT.

Items like the iMac, Playable Piano, etc in GMT can always be rebought, but not so much items earned through achievements and donating. There used to be a command back in GMT (I believe it was gmt_resettrophies ) that’d allow one to retrieve their achievement items if it so happens to disappear, but said command doesn’t work and no longer exists last i checked.

I’m worried that I won’t be able to transfer my currently un-reobtainable, hard earned achievement trophies and valuable VIP items into Tower Unite simply because they disappeared through some condo bug/glitch… and I’m sure affected players would be similarly worried as well.

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I have this problem too

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Reporting in here, I lost all my trophies + donor items and have yet to hear anything about them being replaced.

I’ve been resetting condos, but I’m assuming the trophies aren’t being reset properly, or some of the condos just weren’t reset properly. The process is incredibly slow and is completely manual, so I might have just missed a few.

However, when I write the code for the transfer system to Tower Unite - I’ll have it check your achievement’s status, not just items. That way if for some reason you don’t have the trophy you should have, it’ll give it to you. As well as checking if you should have the plate or VIP item.

gmt_resettrophies was disabled because of an exploit. I’ll look into re-enabling it soon.

Edit: I’ve recoded the system to automatically determine missing trophies and unique items like the plate. Should have a patch out very soon.

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Ah this is very great news to hear. I feel relieved now knowing those kind of items will transfer over based on achievement status, VIP status, etc. and not purely on what manages to survive in the inventory/vault.

Thanks for the valuable information!

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Condo Reset Issue? Need assistance Same Issue, I’m currently trying to find a way to get my trophys back. It’s awesome to know that this will (maybe) be fixed in the future, though! :smile:

I lost everything again for the 3rd time now, can every1 help? contact me on emilsaandergaard@hotmail.com or ingame under the name Petter Griffin tnx