Disabling Moderation Tools in Gameworlds?

I can see this becoming a HUGE problem in self hosted Gameworld servers. Let’s say Virus for example. There’s an 8 man game, & say so this one player is always doing really good, getting last survivor & such. It would suck for the server host to just kick that player out, (because he can do what he wants). I just wanted to ask will Moderation tools be disabled in Gameworld hosted servers?

I agree.

I’d suggest vote kicks but even those could be abused.

If someone’s annoying, mute them. If they are cheating, report them to the server admins.

I dunno…someone’s gonna have to make a call.


I think the vote kicking will be abused, so they would just have to add in a AFK kicker.

They shouldn’t be able to cheat at all, make an anti cheat system detect changing client variables & stuff.

If any past Multiplayer game is to be looked at, this never works in end.

Damn well i guess they’ll just have to make a report video then post it or give it to that server host… mmmm Now I’am not sure how it will even work to ban a guy hacking in your server gameworld, because it could be used wrongfully like I said in the OP :frowning:

Well and remember, the Game World is being hosted by the person with the best connection to the lobby server you started the Game World from. There isn’t a centralized host before and after the game world ends.

Ahhhhh makes more sense to me now! Then they can just make report video & hand it to the Plaza host… Bam, host bans the guy next time he joins the plaza, problem solved. GG

For that specific server. The bans wouldn’t be game wide. I’m pretty sure the Pixeltail guys have a system in place for this line of thinking we have been discussing heh.

Like strings or something saying If the guy was server banned for “Hacking” then ban from dedicated server?

Perhaps. We’ll probably need to wait for more information on this subject.

Yeah I just don’t want to see a shit load negative reviews of “This game is filled with hackers, don’t buy”, kinda like how H1Z1 was the first 3 months of Early Access.

I think they have VAC for cheaters… we won’t have to deal with them as much, as we don’t have LUA anymore to execute clientside scripts, so you should encounter them about as often as any other VAC game.

I really don’t see why moderation tools would be enabled in gameworlds. They’re instances, aren’t they? Like a CoD lobby, where the player with the best connection determined by an algorithm hosts the game? If anything, we’ll have an AFK kicker or disabler.

It’s not hard to mute people, and they’ve already said vac will be enabled. Vote kick would be nice though.

Votekick is kind of iffy though.

Someone already mentioned this, but imagine a scenario where you’re DOMINATING everyone in Slaughterday Night Live or something, and everyone on the server loathes you. They can just vote kick you for being too good for them. Shit sucks.

Yet, on the other hand, it’s great if someone is cheating or being a dick in general.

We’re considering a reputation system. That’s really all I can say.

The host won’t be able to straight up kick people out of game worlds, though.


How will this work? Will this be like commending players in a game of CS:GO or LoL?

maybe something like if your reputation is good, the threshold for getting votekicked will be higher and if your reputation is bad the threshold becomes lower

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