Disable saving of graphics options to Steam Cloud

Steam cloud is useful for transferring appearance, condos, etc. across computers, but it’s a bit problematic when transferring graphic settings. Unless both the computers you use are capable of running at the same graphics levels, you have to manually set up the graphics settings each time you switch devices.

I can never understand when games sync graphics settings. It’s incredibly annoying when I have to adjust the settings up and down each time I swap between my main PC and laptop.


also whilst minorly related, my graphics file had been actually bugged for a while in some odd way in which changing settings did not actually change them. it was only fixed after i disabled the steam cloud and deleted the settings file.

it is a tad annoying to have the settings save to the the steam cloud in general because the chances are of you downloading information from the steam cloud is on a computer that didn’t have it prior and so it would need adjusted settings anyway

this is a really QoL minor suggestion though it’s not a huge deal but it’s a lil bit annoying

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