Disable Bhop in game worlds

Today as of writting my buddies and I played LC and we were sadden to see that game world is broken because of bhoping being enabled in that game wold. Having to be the dragon in LC and having to catch a knight that is going as fast as a plane is not fun and makes the game unfair for the slow dragon. Could you please disable bhoping in the game worlds or at the very least will you disable it in LC?

Dragon is not slow at all. Try airstrafing and bhopping as dragon. Even with low skill you can spin around while flying as dragon and really get to places.

I feel like this isn’t a solution to the problem. The knights are too plentiful and too fast, and this issue is making it really unfriendly to new and old players. You shouldn’t have to be really good or know certain tricks to win as the dragon.


I feel like it could work better if the bhopping acceleration for both knights and dragon was turned down. As it is, with a bit of practice you can move really fast as knight and makes it overwhelming for when you’re the dragon.

how about if the dragon can’t use source movement, and if jumping (and subsequently bhopping) used stamina / energy / sprint meter