Different version of the Dark Theme?

As much as the dark theme that’s provided by the forums is certainly an improvement I much prefer the one created by @Davidn64, Found here

Here’s a comparison,
Forums Provided (accidentally hovered over the create topic button)

Davidn64’s theme

This is really just my opinion however I feel there should be more options? or to at least change the light red to a nicer blue tone, as I just feel the gray used in david’s alongside the blue fits in a lot more with the forums than the forums provided dark theme.

Click the gray text then you can see it?

When you click the link, you can’t see it again

or right click and click open link in new tab

If you want to access the link in the spoiler you can try right clicking on it.

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Oh, wow. That does look way better

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Well I wasn’t aware of the problems of putting links in spoilers, I was just trying to link it in a way that was out of the way from the rest of the post.